Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of Frequently asked question By our Customer along the years :

How Do you ship?

We ship using USPS or any Express or postal mailing agency with low security. We make sure your package is shipped in most discreet and Confidential way. Thus making you 100% safe when buying with us.

Is there any risk of Buying?

You place no risk at all in ordering or paying our strains. We make sure your parcel containing your order is well parcel vacuumed and protected. Your information used here is only used for the delivery purpose and we don’t sell your info or email to any store around.

How do I make payment?

We accept basically 2 forms of payments. Western Union/MoneyGram or Gift cards. To pay via WU or MG get to such a store usually place found in CVS and some banks or Walmart. Once payment did send us a valid MCTN and an image of your payment via email or text.

For Gift cards please buy Vanilla or OneVanilla Gift cards bought with liquid cash only. Do not buy The Gift cards with Debit or credit cards. Once bought send us a valid image of front and rear as on the image below :

indicaeuphoria vanilla gift card

We also accept Amazon Gift cards bought with cash and receipt must be available.

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Do You Accept Credit Cards?

No sorry, we only accept Vanilla and OneVanilla or Amazon Gift card bought in cash and receipt must be presented.

Do you ship Cannabis To Australia?

Yes, of course, we do express delivery to New Zealand, Australia and Many More islands.

Do You accept Bitcoin or other cryptos?

Yes, we accept for more information contact us now.

How fast Do I receive my order?

You receive your order or it gets shipped within 24 hours and you may have it in hand after 48 hours or with some few business days depending on global positioning.

Australian And Hong Kong Customer may receive their other basically after 10 to 15 days depending on delivery agency used, we have no power on that.